High efficiency PERC monocrystalline solar module JNMM120 (L) – 120 cells


Adopting PERC technology

Mass Production Power: 360~380W

JNMM120 L – 1000V DC

JNMM120 – 1500V DC

We adopt new technologies and automatic equipments to manufacture high quality and reliable solar modules. The product has been tested by international authorities, and strictly complies with the standards of any specific countries. This module is compatible with household PV systems, commercial distributed systems, large-scale ground-mount systems, off-grid PV systems, etc.



  • Ga-doped silicon wafer, effectively reduce LID and LeTID. SE technology effectively improves cell conversion efficiency.
  • MBB and half-cell design to reduce shadow effects, improve module reliability and reduces loss.
  • The dual-glass structure effectively reduces the risk of cell cracking and improves the weatherability of the module. Al frame improves mechanical performance, making it easier to transport and install.



  • Advanced production process
  • Superior quality control
  • Excellent power generation performance
  • Stable mechanical performance
  • Long weather resistance