ILB HELIOS – Your partner for photovoltaic projects

ILB Helios AG is a former ABB company, privately owned and being in the PV industry since 2006. The team of ILB Helios AG has over 30 years experience in the power business. Many of our team members have started their professional career at ABB in several middle and executive positions. In the past we had owned a solar module factory in Spain and a solar module OEM production in China of 500MW per year. Over the years, ILB sold serval GW solar modules worldwide and developed over 1 GW solar projects. Since 2018 Jinergy has been our strategic partner for solar modules. We act as a solar project developer, project manager, EPC provider for BOO, BOT turnkey solar project solutions including finance and we are asset managers of several big solar power plants in Europe.

Brief History of Our Company


Central store operations at BBC


BBC/ASEA merger: Central service company for ABB


Independent subsidiary founded: ABB Logistikbetriebe AG


Launching Sino-Swiss JV Global Industrial Supply in Beijing


ILB International Logistikbetriebe AG: Spin off from LB Logistikbetriebe AG


ISO 9001:2004 / 14001:2004 /BMECat


Foundation of ILB Helios AG


PV-Project development and realisation in Spain, Italy and Germany


SN EN ISO 9001: 2015/14001:2015/BMECat


PV-Project development and implementation in Bulgaria/Romania/Jordan


Supply Management, Asset Management, Development & Project Management

ILB Services Solar Projects


We create a preliminary project that meets our customer’s needs, in order to calculate your individually planned solar projects.


We continuously develop our products, ensuring that your solar projects meet the highest economical benefits and technical requirements.

Bankability / IRR

Beyond certifying the safety and performance of your photovoltaic product, we provide you with the tools to make your PV project “bankable”.

solar panels- Helios solar energy

Origination & Development

We are continuously screening possible PV project opportunities worth to be taken over as lead developer. We engineer and build to fully meet international investor expectations. Any Origination & Development process is based on four major topic clusters.

Planning & Optimization

Every PV plant needs to be aligned with the local specifications of the land to be built on such as topographic and geological situation, sun irradiation and angle, wind and snow load, general electrical requirements of the grid and so on.

Construction & Project Management

Strict scheduling, professional project management, cost management, permanent quality assurance and problem management must be seen as the key for a successful and on-time construction and grid connection of a PV Plant.

Operation & Maintenance

The typical O&M issues usually include aspects related to product availability, engineering errors, grid problems, extreme weather events, O&M staff or incorrect maintenance work.

Investor Solutions & Financial Management

PV investment represents one of the fastest growing areas of energy investing and has the advantage of being relatively new compared to other industries. PV technology makes up the most widely used and popular renewable energy technologies today.

Key Partners